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pure lock from PTFX

Introducing Pure-Lock

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  • Unique Tri-Clamp design: Fully moulded using 100% high strength glass reinforced nylon material

  • 15.0 Bar ( 218 PSI ) Safe working pressure capability.

  • Threadless Design helps to prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries which can occur when using - the conventional Tri-Clamp designs.

  • Quicker and easier for the user to install as it does not utilise any screw threads or locking wing nuts

  • Sizes: 1/2" & 3/4" Mini T/C, 1.0" & 1.5"  Stanxard T/C from stock, 2.0", 3.0" & 4.0" are available on request.

  • Compatible with all makes of sanitary clamp flange connectors - Imperial and European metric sizes

  • Sterile Product: Pure-Lock can be supplied Pre-packed and gamma-irradiated “Ready to use“ 

  • Can be repeatedly autoclaved up to + 134 Deg 'C',  and gamma irradiated up to 50.5 kGy's.

  • Specifically designed to be used with all non-metallic sanitary ASME-BPE Tri-clamp connectors

  • Conforms to FDA & USP Class V1 Requirements and is also TSE / Animal free

  • Product Security: Pure-Lock has an optional security pin which can provide evidence of any tampering

  • Colour coded Pure-Lock Clamps to suit dedicated products lines are available on request

  • Robust design makes Pure-Lock suitable for both single-use and repeat use applications

  • Dissipates heat quickly, reducing the risk of distortion of mating polymer flanges

  • No protruding parts or sharp edges makes Pure-Lock easier to use with exterior packaging

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Click here to email us about having Pure-Lock manufactured in the alternative sizes you require or with personalised branding or call us on +44 151 548 4000 to discuss.


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To speak to us about any of the below products call us on +44 (0) 151 548 4000 

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