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Sanitary Tri-Clamp Gaskets

Tri-Clamp Gaskets

Pure-Lock Sanitary Tri-Clamp Gaskets and Seals to suit all High Purity, Sanitary and Hygienic connections.


Available in sizes ranging from 1/2" mini up to 12" imperial sizes  ( U.S & U.K. ) and 4.0mm up to 300mm European metric

sizes in a range of high purity materials - all of which conform to FDA, USP Class VI, EP 3.1.9, 3A and ASME-BPE requirements.


Pure-Lock high purity Tri-Clamp gaskets seals are available in most sizes of sanitary clamp designs -

and include the following standards:

BS-4825, DIN-32676, ISO-1127 & ISO-2037 standard sizes

Mini TC Series Imperial and Metric flange sizes

ASME-BPE and Ultra-Bore  

All Pure-Lock Gaskets are supplied with full material Batch & Lot Traceability on request

For more details about this product call us on 0151 548 4000 or email us HERE

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