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No Obligation Pre-Order 0.5" & 0.75" Mini Pure-Lock Tri-Clamps


Our 0.5" & 0/75" Mini Pure-Lock Tri-Clamp is made from 100% polymer and connects with a click, using with a sleek over-centre cam arm locking action.


Quick and easy assembly and compatible with all makes of sanitary Tri-clamp connectors. With a unique sanitary Tri-clamp design which is currently available in the 3 most popular sizes 0.5" & 0.75" Mini, 1.5” &  2.0”. Other sizes can be made available on request. 


Pure-Lock easier to fit and use because it does not have any screw threads or locking wing nuts with optional sacrificial security pin can provide evidence of any tampering with the clamp during use.


Suitable for single-use and repeat use sanitary process application. Pure-Lock clamp materials meet or exceed USP Class VI and FDA requirements.


Also available: 1.0" & 1.5" Standard Tri-Clamp and 2.0" Large Tri-Clamp.



0.5" & 0.75" Mini Pure-Lock Tri-Clamp

  • Maximum recommended operating pressure is 10.0 Bar ( 145 PSI ) up to 2.0” size

    Raw Material is 100% Polymer ( 30% Glass Reinforced Nylon )

    Fluid temperature range TBC

    Environment temperature range TBC

    Autoclaving: The Pure-Lock clamp can be repeadly autocalved/steam sterilised

    Gamma irradiation up to 45 kilo-grays 

    Compatible with Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) Sterilisation

    Shelf life is 5 years or 3 years if supplied pre gamma irradiated

    Compatible with all British, American, European and ASME-BPE Tri-Clamp connectors

  • Optional sacrificial tamper-proof security pin which is available in a range of different colours. Call us for more details.

    Batch and Lot traceable for all clamp materials.

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